"Reza Darmawangsa" (Bandung , Indonesia) cover Dynamite / BTS


BTS won the first place on the US billboard chart!
Wooow,  I think "Reza Darmawangsa" can be
a member of BTS!
but I don't know he dance well like BTS , or not...

about Reza Darmawangsa...   instagram

His gears are...

I can't see the head logo of his guitar maker.
so, at time of 3:15 , can see the logo.
but I can't distinguish. anyone know this guitar maker?


Unfortunately the manufacturer of the microphone could not be determined.


original (2020)

He is from "Bandung"

"Bandung" is the capital of the West Java Province in Indonesia, and has a population of about  2.75 millions.

What to Eat and Do in Bandung, Indonesia by "Ryan Sylvia" with English subtitles.(英語字幕付き)
good for English beginner.

0:50  Sangkuriang Resto
1:10  Rumah Mode
1:43  Nasi Camper88
1:56  Sudirman Street Night Market
2:27  Kawah Putih
2:49  Ranca Upas
3:30 The Lodge Maribaya
4:01  Gubug Makan Mang Entging
4:27  Floating Market Lembang
5:23  Congo Gallery &Cafe
6:32 Tangkuban Perahu
7:35  Malibu Restaurant
7:53  Stone Garden
8:21  Goa Pawon

"Ryan Sylvia"   This video is really fun!
Thanks to "Ryan Sylvia"

"Ryan Sylvia"  bring you the best food and places to explore around the world!
"Ryan Sylvia" が世界中の食情報や観光地などの情報を

about "Ryan Sylvia"
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"And last one more video.
This make you beautiful from of your heart
and make you tranquil and quiet.   by "Bobby Adrian Vitra"

sooo beautiful video! Thanks to "Bobby Adrian Vitra"

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