"The Collection Band" (Santiago , Chile) cover "Live and Let Die" / Guns'n Roses



1:19  start singing

Their gears. 使用機材

guitar "Gibson Les Paul Black Beauty 3pu" (maybe)
ギターは、多分、ギブソンレスポール ブラックビューティ(3PU仕様)

another guitar Gibson Les Paul Custom? or Standard?

keyboard "Hammond XK-2"    "YAMAHA MOTIF XF7" (maybe)

下段は、YAMAHA MOTIF XF7でしょうか。

about "The Collection Band"

their concept is "All time music hits"
It's name comes from collections of the hits music.

PS : bass player is "aged Sting" ← forgive me...
guitar player looks like "Steve Lukather" ex TOTO

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original  (1991)


"The Collection Band" is from Santiago , Chile.
Top Things To Do in SANTIAGO サンティアゴでやるべきコト

Santiago is Chile’s capital and largest city, surrounded by snow-capped mountains.
Take a look "Top Things To Do in Santiago" "Must Do Travels" explains in detail , below

1:07  Central Market is a great spot to eat
1:27  Barrio Bellavista you can find restaurants, boutiques, bars and clubs.
2:06  Plaza de Armas is the centerpiece of the initial layout of the city.
2:34  Santa Lucia is a park built on a hill located in the center of the city.  nice view from this hill and great place to spend the afternoon.
3:29  Costanera Center Mall is South America’s largest shopping center.

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and one more , "A Glimpse of Santiago De Chile Time-lapse 4K"

1 minute Timelapse  video by "Mattia Bicchi"
better to have a short time than to show a video for a long time.
1分間のタイムプラス映像です。by "Mattia Bicchi"
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