How deep is your love - Bee Gees (cover by "Fabio Rodrigues" from Dublin, Ireland)


0:20start singing 歌い出し
0:55climax    サビ
3:40ending with beautiful guitar arpeggio.
Wow...  He has angel voice! amazing!!
mmm...  His Godin ACS guitar fits his voice.
Nice voice and nice finger picking guitar tone.
and this street and people in Dublin is beautiful.
Godin say...
‘Slim’ refers to the 1.715″ nut width, which is a mere 16th of an inch wider than the nut width on our standard electric guitars. If you do most of your playing on a guitar with a fairly narrow neck (most solid body electric guitars)
Godin ACS Slim SA Natural ナイロン弦エレガット

original (1977)


I didn't know "Dublin" is so beautiful!


beautiful Dublin video by "Around the world 4K"
Thanks "Around the 4K"

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Top Things To Do In "Dublin" by "Must Do Travels"


1:03   Guinness StoreHouse
1:34   The Temple Bar
2:18   Dublin Castle
2:50   St Patrick’s Cathedral
3:15    St Stephen’s Green

Top things to do in Dublin 2019 4K by "Must Do Travels"
Thanks to "Must Do Travels"

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